Terms and Conditions

Client acknowledges and agrees not to engage in any unlawful, illegal, or immoral transactions, or any activities contrary to applicable laws, regulations, or Investa summit markets limited's policies. This includes avoiding transactions aimed at scalping, arbitrage, or intentionally exploiting any inaccuracies, minor or major, in rates or pricing offered by Investa summit markets limited. The company defines scalping as any transaction open for less than three minutes.

Investa summit markets limited reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to retroactively cancel transactions deemed to exploit or manipulate pricing and to recover any profits gained from such activities. Client understands that Investa summit markets limited does not guarantee the execution of orders at specified prices, particularly during periods of high volatility or volume, such as market news announcements. Orders may be subject to gapping markets, greyed out pricing, and variations in market liquidity.

Client agrees that if off-market prices are received for any reason—including delays, malfunctions, or trading errors—Investa summit markets limited may cancel such trades. During times of increased market volatility, orders will be executed at the next best available price or the fair market value. In cases of gapping markets, conditional orders like stop losses may be executed at the next available price, potentially leading to greater losses than anticipated.

Investa summit markets limited advises clients to use market orders rather than conditional orders, as market orders provide an option to requote, allowing clients to accept or reject the new price. The client agrees that Investa summit markets limited is not liable for losses incurred, including those from margin calls, due to conditional orders being filled during gapping markets or orders filled at specific prices because of greyed out pricing and market liquidity limitations.

Investa summit markets limited commits to maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your data and offers you rights to access, update, and delete your information as permitted by law. We retain your data only as necessary to fulfill our obligations or as required by law. Please be aware that forex trading carries risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Our services are intended for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial or investment advice. By using our platform, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks of forex trading.